Presentations for Developers

Presentations for Developers

that speak your language.

Create compelling slideshow presentations in no time using the tools you already know and love ~ Markdown + Git.

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For everyone on GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket.

GitPitch is a markdown presentation service for the modern geek on Git.

Create and share public, private, and password-protected online and offline slideshow presentations powered by Git

Step 1.


Use your favorite editor to create your slideshow content using GitHub Flavored Markdown and a simple slide delimiter.

Step 2.

Then Git-Commit

Commit and push your to any public or private repository on GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket.

Then start promoting, sharing, or presenting your new slideshow presentation. Instantly available online and offline:

What can GitPitch do for you?


Do you have Client or Customer teams to engage?

With GitPitch you can promote, pitch, and present absolutely anything using rich visual slideshow presentations.

Whether you are evaluating, developing, or promoting a technology, product, or service, GitPitch ensures your work is professionally delivered every time.

And with support for public, private, and even password-protected slideshow presentations, you can guarantee your content, and your client's content, remains private and confidential.

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Do you have Conference or Meetup audiences to wow?

Still dusting-off legacy tools like Keynote or Powerpoint to present at conferences or meetups?

With GitPitch you can develop your presentation content without ever leaving your favorite editor or IDE. GitPitch offers seamless Git integration. And GitPitch slides speak code fluently, directly from repo source or GIST.

Code-presenting features work online and offline. As does the built-in speaker notes window. A great feature to help keep you focused and on-track in front of a live audience.

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Do you have Course or Training materials to deliver?

With GitPitch developing and delivering course and training materials is a breeze thanks to first-class support for reusable, modular markdown and Git versioning.

A modular approach to course content development makes it simple to manage and maintain your content over time.

And with support for public, private, and even password-protected slideshow presentations, you can easily secure your content and manage your audience.

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Just discovered GitPitch. And WOW!

Adrian Kosmaczewski.

Awesome for quickly throwing together a presentation and easy to share links afterwards.

Sydney, Australia

GitPitch is all kinds of cool!

Andrew B. Collier.
Durban, South Africa

I have to say, the more I play with GitPitch the more I like it.

James McCann.
Aylesbury, UK

GitPitch Pro - Coming Soon!

Get ready for private repo support, private-urls using stealth-mode, password-protected presentations, and much, much more.

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