GitPitch Desktop

Markdown → Preview → Present

GitPitch Desktop lets you develop, preview, and present slideshows offline. See changes instantly reflected in a live preview in your Web browser.
Plus with a simple git-push you can publish any slide deck to Or export to Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, Google Slides or PDF.

GitPitch Desktop User Experience

All it takes is a simple git-push to publish your desktop presentations to the cloud on

Just discovered GitPitch. And WOW!


GitPitch...the first time in my life when preparing slides was a pleasure.


The best slide creation tool I have ever used.


GitPitch Desktop with speaker notes is AMAZING!


GitPitch Desktop Available on OSX, Linux, and Windows
Delivered using Docker container technology.

GitPitch Desktop Live Refresh

Think it. Type it. See it Live. Then Present.

Live Markdown Refresh

Using simple Markdown you can dedicate 100% of your focus on your slide content.

Using GitPitch Desktop you can now see your content come to life within a live presentation preview in your browser.

Live refresh is activated every time you save your presentation

Live PITCHME.yaml Settings Refresh

Beyond Markdown, slideshow settings offer a wide range of customizations.

Tweak settings to experiment with different themes, layouts, backgrounds, transitions, etc. for your presentations.

Live refresh is activated every time you save your presentation PITCHME.yaml.

Live Asset
Dependency Refresh

Rich assets can be used to bring slideshow presentations to life.

Add media files like images and video. Use source code directly from your repo. Inject custom CSS to stamp your own brand.

Live refresh is activated every time you add, update, or delete rich asset files.

Desktop Quickstart Guide

Learn how to get started with GitPitch Desktop.