Slide Decks for Developers

GitPitch Desktop

GitPitch Desktop is a markdown presentation tool for MacOS, Linux, and Windows 10 (Pro + Enterprise). The Desktop lets you develop, preview, present, export, and publish slide decks. With built-in speaker-support perfect for tech conferences, meetups, and delivering training.

GitPitch is a modern slide deck solution for developers. Hosted on . The service offers a wide range of free and paid slide and course-content creation, presenting, and publishing features. The service is available to everyone with an account on GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket.

Slide decks created using GitPitch Desktop can be published for sharing online with a simple git-push to any Git repository in the cloud.

GitPitch Enterprise

GitPitch Enterprise makes the server plus GitPitch Desktop available for deployment on-premises. It is delivered using Docker container technology. Integrating seamlessly with self-hosted Git servers. The deployment of GitPitch Enterprise on-premises gives you an opportunity to get more out of your existing Git infrastructure and investment.

GitPitch Open Source

GitPitch began as an open-source project developed and maintained on GitHub. The project repo can be found here . You are invited to fork and modify the source for you own particular needs. PRs also very welcome.

GitPitch Docs

The GitPitch Docs found at are also made available for download. Once downloaded, you can browse and reference these docs when working offline.

To download the docs bundle, click here . Once downloaded, expand the zip bundle and open index.html under a local Web server.