Presentation Service

GitPitch is a modern slide decks solution for developers. You can use it to promote, pitch or present absolutely anything. Using the tools you already know and love - Markdown + Git.

With GitPitch Desktop you can work with your local file system. So you can develop, preview, and present offline. And even export to Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, Google Slides, LibreOffice, and PDF.

And if you already use Git, and find yourself needing to present a concept, design, framework, product, service, training materials, or educational course work:

  • To colleagues, clients or customers
  • At meetups or conferences
  • At training events or teaching sessions

Then GitPitch is for you. And as a presentation author, it couldn’t be simpler:

  • Develop and preview slide content offline using GitPitch Desktop.
  • Capture your ideas using plain markdown.
  • Optionally activate Snap Layouts to deliver custom slide designs.
  • Use your favorite Git flow to collaborate online on GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket.
  • GitPitch turns your markdown into a modern slide deck.
  • Making it available for presenting offline. And sharing publicly or privately online.
  • You can even export any slide deck to PowerPoint and beyond.