Presentation Service

GitPitch is a modern slide decks solution for developers. You can use it to promote, pitch or present absolutely anything. Using the tools you already know and love - Markdown + Git.

And if you already use Git, and find yourself needing to present a concept, design, framework, product, service, training materials, or educational course work:

  • To colleagues, clients or customers
  • At meetups or conferences
  • At training events or teaching sessions

Then GitPitch is for you. And as a presentation author, it couldn’t be simpler:

  • Capture your ideas using plain markdown.
  • Use GitPitch Desktop to preview your slide deck offline.
  • Use the Theme Template to customize the look-n-feel of your slide deck
  • Use Snap Layouts to create custom slide designs with sophisticated layouts.
  • Use Markdown Widgets to create rich visual components on your slides.
  • Use your favorite Git flow to collaborate online on GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket.
  • Present your slide deck offline with full speaker support.
  • Or with a git-push share your slide deck online either publicly or privately.
  • Plus you can also export your slide deck to PowerPoint, PDF, and more.