Auto-Generated TOC

GitPitch automatically generates a table-of-contents for every slideshow presentation. You can access the table-of-contents within the slideshow menu found in the bottom-left corner of any slideshow.

The table-of-contents can be used to browse slideshow content. It can also be used as a means of fast navigation to any slide within a presentation.


As a presentation author, if you update your presentation content in, GitPitch will automatically update the table-of-contents for you.

Customizing Table-of-Contents

The default label generated for each entry in your table-of-contents is automatically derived based on the content found on each slide. Sometimes that auto-generated label may not be exactly what you want.

As a presentation author you can override the label with custom labels on any slide. To inject a custom label for any slide add the following @title shortcut syntax within your


@title[Some custom label]

## Your slide contents goes here.

You can add custom labels for none, some, or all slides in your presentation. If no custom label is found, GitPitch will attempt to auto-generate a suitable label. If no such suitable label can be generated, the entry in the table-of-contents will simply identify the slide number.