GitHub GIST Snippets

Basic slide delimiter syntax allows markdown content to be split into a series of slides. Special gist delimiter syntax allows the loading of any GitHub GIST code snippet into a fenced code block on any slide.

The gist delimiter syntax takes the following options:

  • A GIST Identifier and
  • A lang option - providing a langugage hint for your source code
  • A title option - providing an optional title text for the slide
  • A color option - providing an optional slide background color override
  • A file option - providing an optional named file within a multi-file GIST

Learn By Example

This markdown snippet:


Results in the rendering of the following slide:


Learn By Example With Delimiter Options

This markdown snippet:

---?gist=onetapbeyond/8da53731fd54bab9d5c6&lang=groovy&color=white&title=R Analytics DSL Engine

Results in the rendering of the following slide:


Note #1

A well chosen color option can make your code merge seamlessly with any slide background.

Note #2

The title option on the gist-delimiter causes a title-text element to be auto-rendered directly above the code-block on the slide. You an active the custom theme setting in order to customize the look-and-feel of this title-text.