Raw Markdown Files

Learn By Example

To display raw Markdown content on a slide you must use a code delimiter. The code delimiter ensures proper encoding of the raw markdown content prior to rendering on the slide. The markdown file referenced on the code delimiter must also have a .md extension.

For example, you can render the contents of the file src/snippet.md onto a slide as follows:


Where src/snippet.md contains the following raw markdown content:

# GitPitch Pro

### Markdown Presentations On Your Desktop And In The Cloud

Results in the rendering of the following slide:


Raw Markdown Rendering Limitations

The direct use of fenced code blocks to render raw markdown on your slides is not supported.

If your raw markdown content contains it’s own code-blocks, those blocks will be rendered with the following limitations:

  1. Syntax-highlighting is not activated for embedded code-blocks.
  2. Fenced code-block triple back-tick ``` notation is displayed as double back-ticks.

You can use Markdown indentation notation to display a code block within your raw markdown content. Indentation notation helps to avoid the ``` issue described in point 2. above.