Deployment Prerequisites

Deployment Prerequisites

GitPitch Enterprise must be deployed as a Docker container running in a Linux server environment. The GitPitch Enterprise container depends on a Docker volume at runtime. This volume is used:

  1. To pass custom GitPitch server configuration to the live container.
  2. To cache GitPitch server log data outside of the live container.
  3. To cache GitPitch server runtime data outside of the live container.

For on-premises deployment, the Docker volume is typically a dedicated directory on your host Linux server. The volume could be a drive on an external disk, such as a storage area network (SAN) disk. In all cases, we recommend a high-performance SSD.

Based on your expected usage, we recommend the following hardware configurations:

Users CPUs Heap Memory Docker Memory Docker Volume
10-500 2 2GB 4GB 20GB
500-2000 4 4GB 8GB 50GB
2000-10000+ 4+ 4GB 8GB 100GB+

These recommendations are estimates. Your specific patterns of usage and peak load will determine optimal configuration.

Note 1.

Heap Memory refers to the size of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) heap. The default is 2GB. This setting is configurable on launch using the following syntax on the docker run command:

-e JXMX=4g
Note 2.

Docker Memory refers to the memory resource limits for the Docker container.

Note 3.

Docker Volume refers to the storage drive shared between the host Linux server and the Docker container.