Offline Slideshow

GitPitch Desktop Offline Support

If you plan on working offline we recommend downloading the GitPitch Docs too. To download the docs bundle, click here. Then expand the zip bundle and open index.html under a local Web server.

GitPitch Pro + Lite subscriptions unlock numerous features including GitPitch Desktop - a dedicated presentation tool that lets you develop, preview, and present GitPitch slideshows directly on your Linux, Windows, or OSX desktop.

This tool supports rapid slide content creation. It is also designed specifically for working and presenting offline. Making it ideal for live presentation environments - keeping you safe from conference Wifi problems and the ever-present demo gods.

Bonus! GitPitch Desktop supports offline streaming of MP4 and WebM video directly on your desktop.

One-Click Offline Slideshow Download

GitPitch also supports a one-click download of self-contained slideshow presentation bundles for presentations published on This feature is available to everyone.

Simply click the Offline Version (.zip) on the Home Panel found under the slideshow menu to download an offline bundle.

The bundle is a zip archive file. Once downloaded, you will need to expand the zip archive file on disk.

To launch the slideshow presentation you will need to open the index.html file under a local Web server on your desktop.

For example, if you have Python 2 installed on your local desktop you can move into the top-level directory within the expanded zip archive and launch a simple Web server as follows:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Alternatively, if you have Python 3 installed on your local system, you can launch a simple Web server as follows:

python3 -m http.server

You are not limited to Python based Web servers. You can use any local Web server you like to serve your slideshow presentation. If you are unsure what Web server to use then this helpful Web Servers GitHub GIST provides an extensive selection of simple-to-use Web servers.

After starting your Web server you can then open the GitPitch slideshow presentation in your browser as follows:


As Video Slides are dependent on Internet streaming, these are automatically disabled for offline slideshow presentations unless you are using GitPitch Desktop.