Slide Delimiters

GitPitch slideshow presentation content is created using markdown. To split markdown content into a series of slides, presentation authors must use a special slide delimiter syntax. Each delimiter denotes the start of a new slide.

To create a new slide use the following delimiter syntax within your file:


As both horizontal (default) and vertical slides are supported by GitPitch each has it’s own unique delimiter syntax. To create a new vertical-slide use the following delimiter syntax within your file:


By using a combination of horizontal and vertical slide delimiters you can customize how your audience experiences and navigates content within your slideshow presentation.

Typically horizontal slides present top-level information. Vertical slides are then used to drill-down.

Example Usage

A very simple two slide slideshow presentation can be created as follows:

## Hello, World!


## The End :)

Note, the delimiter for the first slide in every presentation is implicit. So only one explicit slide delimeter is needed in the above example.

Here is a simple four slide presentation that uses both horizontal and vertical slides:

## Hello!


## Hola!


## Goodbye!


## AdiĆ³s!