Image Size Limits

To ensure the best possible user experience for visitors to GitPitch slideshow presentations on the Web, a 1Mb file size limit is now enforced for all images displayed inline or as backgrounds on slides.

While we strongly encourage you to size-optimize all image assets used by your GitPitch slideshow presentations, GitPitch now automatically detects, rejects, and reports images that exceed the size-limit directly within your slides.

For example, the following screenshots show how inline and background images that exceed the 1Mb size limit are reported directly within their respective slides:

There are numerous free and commerical tools available that are capable of reducing image size while preserving image quality. Simply resizing some images can also deliver a significant reduction in file size.

While you can use absolutely any tool to size-optimize your images, we can recommend This is a free online service that does an excellent job of size-optimizing png and jpg image files for use on the Web.

A similar free online service called can be used to size-optimize gif images.