Image Size Limits

Offline Image Size Limits

By default, GitPitch Desktop enforces the same image sizes limits as those enforced when publishing slide decks online :

However, the Desktop also includes the following features:

  • A PITCHME.yaml setting that allows you to disable image size limits for any deck
  • A built-in image compression tool that identifies and compresses oversized images

For details about these Desktop features, see the Desktop Image Tools Guide .

Online Image Size Limits

GitPitch enforces image sizes limits for slide decks published online at These limits exist to ensure GitPitch slide decks viewed online can be loaded and rendered within the browser without undue delays. A 1Mb file size limit is enforced for each individual JPG, PNG, and GIF image.

These file size limits affect image content displayed inline or as backgrounds on slides.

The server automatically detects, rejects, and reports images that exceed the size-limit directly within your slide decks. For example, the following screenshots show how inline and background images that exceed the 1Mb size limit are reported directly within their respective slides:

If you are working offline with GitPitch Desktop, see the built-in image compression tools . If you are not using the Desktop, the following free online services for image compression are recommended: