Examples - Snap HTML Snippets

The following slide markdown demonstrates the use of a the HTML <sup> tag to render a superscript note that references a footnote on the slide:


@snap[north-west span-40]
### Q: How can you tell if a computer @color[#e49436](geek) is an extrovert?

@snap[north-east span-50]
#### A: They stare at **your shoes** when you talk instead of their own<sup>1</sup>.

@snap[south span-100]
@size[0.5em](1. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental!)

@fa[smile-o fa-5x]

This markdown snippet renders as follows:


Note, the use of HTML <sub> and <sup> tags to render subscript and superscript can be very useful to display both simple math formula and references to footnotes on a slide respectively.