Snap Layouts

GitPitch provides a markdown snap-layout syntax that can be used to deliver flexible slide designs by controlling the placement of content on any slide.

This feature can be used to override the automatic slideshow layout for individual content on individual slides. Giving you the power to create unique layouts for your content on any slide.

Click here to open the GitPitch Snap Layouts video tutorial.

The best way to truly understand the power and flexibility of snap-layouts is to learn by example. So the chapters that follow in this guide demonstrate snap-layouts in practice by examining the markdown snippets used to deliver a number of sample slides. These samples are intended to inspire your own custom slide designs.

Note: The Snap Layouts feature is supported by , GitPitch Desktop , and GitPitch Enterprise . This feature is not part of the GitPitch open source project .

Snap Layouts Backstory

Presentation tools like Powerpoint and Keynote support drag-and-drop interfaces. When working with these tools, presentation authors have two responsibilities - slide content creation and slide content placement.

Creating presentations using GitPitch involves writing markdown to develop slide content. This approach lets presentation authors focus squarely on content creation. By default, slide content placement is handled by the automatic slideshow layout setting. But for some use-cases, the drag-and-drop approach has the clear benefit of flexibility in support of richer slide designs.

GitPitch snap-layouts give you the best of both worlds. Automatic layout by default. And when needed, you can enjoy fine-grained control over slide content placement from directly within your markdown.