GitPitch Pro Power Features


GitPitch Pro + Lite subscriptions activate a wide range of power features for slideshow presentation authors.

Remember to check back here periodically as new power features may be added over time.

Google Web Fonts

By default, the font used to render text on your slides is determined by the font-family style rule set by the fixed theme active for your presentation.

Google Web Fonts deliver new and beautiful typographic options for GitPitch Pro users. And thanks to a little bit of GitPitch magic, Pro Fonts work flawlessly whether you are sharing your slideshow content online or presenting offline.


Click on the above image to take a live, interactive tour of Pro Fonts in your browser.

For detailed Google Web Fonts documentation including sample markdown and CSS, see the Pro Fonts guide.

Emoji Widget

The @emoji widget supports the rendering of hundreds of different emojis including emojis for people, places, symbols, objects, activities, and foods. Using this widget ensures that your widgets will render properly whether working online, offline, or exporting your slide decks to Microsoft PowerPoint or PDF.


For further details see the Pro Emoji Widget Guide.

Tweet Widget

The @tweet widget supports the rendering of Tweets on any slide.


For further details see the Pro Tweet Widget Guide.

Table Data Widget

The @table widget renders comma-separated and tab-separated file data as tables.


For further details see the Pro Table Data Widget Guide.

UML Widget for Diagrams

The @uml widget supports the creation of pixel-perfect UML diagrams generated as SVG images from simple text-based descriptions. GitPitch UML diagram support is powered by PlantUML.


For further details see the Pro UML Diagram Widget Guide.

UML Widget for LaTeX + AsciiMath

The @uml widget supports some excellent extensions for rendering math formulas on any slide.


For further details, see the Pro UML LaTeX + Ascii Math Widget Guide.

Asciinema Terminal Sessions

As developers, when we move beyond code editors and IDEs, we typically end up at the command line. Now as a GitPitch Pro user, you can take advantage of support for capturing, and then sharing live terminal sessions within your slide decks. This feature is available for online and offline slideshow presentations.

For detailed Pro Terminal Sesssions documentation including sample markdown, see the Terminal Sessions guide.

Offline Video Streaming

GitPitch Pro user can stream MP4 and WebM video content directly from the local repository when presenting offline using GitPitch Desktop.

Simply add your MP4 and WebM video content to the Git repository for your presentation and then use relative paths to the video files on standard video delimiter syntax.

This feature is perfect for live presentations when you need to deliver course or training materials that includes video content and you do not want to fall victim to the demo gods.

For further details about offline video streaming, see the Rich Media Features guide.

Quickstart Template

GitPitch Pro + Lite users can take full advantage of The Template to quickstart any slideshow presentation.

The Template is a collection of flexible slide designs available out-of-the-box to GitPitch presentation authors. Developed using markdown. And shipped with powerful, built-in CSS style rules that you can easily customize to meet your presentation needs.

The fastest way to get started with The Template is to let GitPitch Desktop automatically generate a starter presentation for you.

You can learn more in the Desktop Template Quickstart Guide.

Remember, as a GitPitch Pro user you can enhance the slide designs delivered by The Template by making use of the full set of power features detailed on this page plus all pro image features.

Pro Only Twitter Card Settings

This feature is cloud only, so not activated for Lite subscriptions.

As a presentation author you want to maximize the results when you or anyone else shares a link to your slide deck on services like Twitter, Slack, or LinkedIn.

By default, links to GitPitch slideshows are rendered as a Twitter Card or Open Graph card using default text and images, as follows:


As a Pro user, you can customize the content of these social media cards when displayed on a wide range of services. For details, see the Twitter Card Settings Guide.

Pro Only Slideshow Title Setting

This feature is cloud only. So not activated for Lite subscriptions.

By default, GitPitch slideshow presentations render using a fixed HTML title, GitPitch Markdown Presentation. However, there are often times when you will want to set a custom title for your presentations to avail of the following benefits:

  • Display a custom title for the presentation in search-engine results
  • Define a custom title for the presentation in the browser toolbar or tab
  • Provide a custom title for the presentation when it is added to favorites

You can activate a custom HTML title for any presentation using the title property within your PITCHME.yaml file:

title : "Markdown Magic - Web Summit Keynote 2019"

As a GitPitch Pro user you can take advantage of the title setting to activate a custom title for your presentations.

Pro Only Slideshow Menu Control

This feature is cloud only. So not activated for Lite subscriptions.

By default, every GitPitch slideshow presentation displays a slideshow menu in the bottom-left corner of each slide. This menu gives both you and your online audience access to additional features including offline support, printing to PDF, and navigation by table-of-contents.

However, there are times when you want your audience to focus exclusively on your online presentation content. Without the potential distraction of the slideshow menu. For these occasions, you can activate the pro-menus-hidden property within your PITCHME.yaml file:

pro-menus-hidden : true

When this property is enabled, the slideshow menu will not be displayed when your presentation is rendered.

As a presentation author you can control the visibility of the slideshow menu for your presentations by enabling or disabling the pro-menus-hidden property at any time.