GitPitch Desktop FAQ

Desktop Frequently Asked Questions

GitPitch Pro + Lite subscriptions unlock GitPitch Desktop.

How can I download the latest GitPitch Desktop image?

To download the latest Desktop image you first need to login to Docker Hub at your command line. You can login using the following command:

docker login

Once you can confirm a successful login you are ready to download the latest Desktop image.

To download the latest Desktop image, use the following command:

docker pull gitpitch/desktop:pro

Allow the download process to complete, then launch the new image as before. Launch instructions are here.

What can I do if changes to my deck do not auto-refresh in the browser?

Each time you create, update, or delete a file within your local working directory, GitPitch Desktop will attempt to automatically refresh the presentation in your browser.

If your browser does not auto-refresh - or fails to refresh cleanly - when you modify a presentation file, simply save the file again and watch for a refresh.

If your browser still does not auto-refresh, use your browser’s reload button to force a refresh.

When working on Windows 10 my deck does not auto-refresh in the browser?

Due to a longstanding issue specific to Docker-on-Windows-10, modifications to files on the Windows 10 file system do not result in file system event notifications within the Docker container. One consequences of this problem is that changes to your presentation files may not result in a corresponding auto-refresh of your slide deck in the browser.

To address this shortcoming you can activate Sweep Mode when launching the Desktop as follows:

docker run -it -v {DESKTOPREPO}:/repo -p 9000:9000 -e SWEEP=true gitpitch/desktop:pro

Note the addition of the -e SWEEP=true flag on the launch command. All other flags on the launch command remain the same as before.

May 2019 - The introduction of Sweep Mode within GitPitch Desktop is new and we are very interested in hearing your feedback if you try out this solution on your Windows 10 desktop. Did it solve the refresh problem? Is it responsive? Please let us know by dropping us an email at Thanks.

How can I preview the GitPitch Security confidential mode challenge form?

GitPitch Desktop Pro supports testing of password-protected presentations as detailed in the GitPitch Security Guide.

You can use GitPitch Desktop to develop and preview the Confidential Mode challenge form for your presentation using the following dedicated URL:


How can I change the default 9000 port used by GitPitch Desktop?

The default port for GitPitch Desktop is port 9000.

To set a custom port when launching the Desktop you must make two changes on your launch command:

  1. Update the -p port mapping and
  2. Add a matching PORT environment variable

For example, the following command demonstrates how you can launch GitPitch Desktop using port 80:

docker run -it -v {DESKTOPREPO}:/repo -p 80:80 -e PORT=80 gitpitch/desktop:pro

Note, {DESKTOPREPO} is a placeholder. You must replace it with an absolute path to a working directory on your local file system where your local repository files are found.

What happens if GitPitch Desktop finds no

If no files are found in your local working directory then GitPitch Desktop will display the Template Generator window:

With one-click on the Generate Template Now button the Desktop will copy the full set of Quickstart Template files into your local working directory. This is a great way to start a brand new slide deck.

What happens if GitPitch Desktop finds multiple

If multiple files are found in your local working directory then the Desktop Manager will automatically list each slide deck found:

With one-click you can open any deck listed under the Your Slide Decks panel.