GitPitch Desktop Image Tools

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Understanding Image Size Limits

GitPitch enforces size limits on image files. These size limits exist to ensure slide decks viewed online can be loaded and rendered in the browser without undue delays.

Currently there is a 1Mb file size limit for each individual JPG, PNG, and GIF image.

To reduce bandwidth usage and rendering times for your decks it is strongly recommended to size-optimize your image files. A task made simple using the built-in Desktop Pro image compression tool .

Desktop Image Compression Tool

The Desktop ships with a built-in image compression tool that automatically scans your local working directory for JPG, PNG, and GIF image files that exceed the image size limits .

This tool can be opened using the Switch to Image Manager link on the Desktop home screen. The image manager looks as follows:


Any image file found in your local working directory that exceeds image size limits is listed within the Large Image Files panel. One-click on any file listed in this panel will generate a compressed version of the image file that will automatically download to local disk.

After downloading a compressed image file you can view it in a local image viewer or copy it into the local working directory for your slide deck and view it directly on your GitPitch slide.

Note, the Large Image Files panel also includes links to alternate image compression tools online.

How to Disable Image Size Limits

By default, GitPitch enforces image size limits for all slide decks. And as noted in the discussion of those limits, this feature exists principally to ensure slide decks created offline will still load and render without undue delays for your audience when viewed online.

But there may be times when your target audience is not online. For example, when:

  • Using the Desktop to present a slide deck live at a tech conference or meetup .
  • Using the Desktop to present hi-resoluiton image content that exceed size limits.
  • Using the Desktop to export and share a slide deck as PDF or PowerPoint PPTX .

When needed, you can disable image size limits by disabling the image-size-limits setting in the PITCHME.yaml for any slide deck, as follows:

image-size-limits : false

Important: This setting disables image size limits in the Desktop only. If you publish your slide deck to the cloud this setting is ignored. The default image size limits are always enforced on To ensure consistent rendering everywhere, we strongly recommend that you always size-optimize image files used by your slide decks.