GitPitch Desktop Launch

To download and launch the Desktop you must first purchase a GitPitch Paid Plan. For purchase and subscription pricing details visit the GitPitch website here.

The Desktop launch instructions in this guide assume you have completed the following:

  1. You have activated a GitPitch Paid Plan.
  2. You have installed Docker Desktop.
  3. You have downloaded GitPitch Desktop.

To launch the Desktop you need to indicate a path to a local working directory. This path tells the desktop where on the local file system it needs to monitor for changes you make to your presentation files.

Typically this directory is a local Git repository. Although it can be any directory on the local file system.

The default launch command for the Desktop is as follows:

docker run -it -v {WORKINGDIR}:/repo -p 9000:9000 gitpitch/desktop:pro

Note, {WORKINGDIR} is a placeholder. You must replace it with an absolute path to a working directory on your local file system where your presentation files are found.

For example, here is a sample launch command on MacOS:

docker run -it -v /Users/david/hello-world:/repo -p 9000:9000 gitpitch/desktop:pro

And here is a sample launch command on Windows:

docker run -it -v c:/david/hello-world:/repo -p 9000:9000 gitpitch/desktop:pro

Upon successful launch you should be able to access the Desktop in your browser at the following URL:


To open your browser at the default Desktop URL, just click here.