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About This Promotion

GitPitch - The Markdown Presentation Service on Git

In light of the recent giant embrace of GitHub by Microsoft and to promote the adoption of GitPitch within the broader Microsoft community on Git, we are excited to offer a one-year, free subscription to GitPitch Pro to all active Microsoft MVPs.

This is a special offer we have put together for our mutual benefit.

You receive full access to GitPitch Pro - a slideshow presentation service uniquely designed to help you promote and share your MVP knowledge within the developer community.

And if your experiences are positive, we are hoping you will be happy to help spread the word about GitPitch to your colleagues, clients, and conference audiences.

If this all sounds good to you, read on for step-by-step instructions to get your subscription started.

1. Confirm Eligibility

If you are a Microsoft MVP and you have not yet applied for your promotional GitPitch Pro subscription please do so now by completing the following promotion form.

Submitting some basic information on this form allows us to verify your current status as an active Microsoft MVP. Once you hear back from us with confirmation of your eligibility for this promotion you can move ahead to the next step.

2. Pro Service Activation Options

GitPitch Pro offers tools and services for your desktop and in the cloud.

The desktop tools - while recommended - are optional.

These tools are delivered using Docker container technology. If you are unfamiliar with Docker - and have no immediate desire to learn about it - or you simply want to skip the installation of the desktop tools for now, please move directly to GitPitch Pro Cloud Activation.

Otherwise, to activate the full set of desktop and cloud services please move ahead to the next step.

GitPitch Pro Desktop Activation

The following steps will guide you through the activation process for GitPitch Pro on your desktop.

Step 1. Install Docker

Your GitPitch Pro subscription includes a single-user license for GitPitch Desktop. The Desktop application is delivered using Docker container technology.

So in order to download GitPitch Desktop, you need to first have Docker installed on your Linux, Windows, or OSX desktop. If you do not have Docker installed, please go ahead and install it now. You can find installation instructions here.

Step 2. Create an account on Docker Hub

In order to download the GitPitch Desktop image you will need a free account on Docker Hub. If you do not have an account on Docker Hub, please go ahead and create one now on the Docker Hub website here.

Step 3. Share your Docker Hub ID

Before you can download the image from Docker Hub you must be granted read-access to the GitPitch Desktop image repository.

For that to happen, you need to share your Docker Hub ID with us. Please email us your Docker Hub ID. We will use that ID to grant you access to the GitPitch Enterprise image repository.

Once you hear back from us with confirmation that your Docker ID has been granted read-access to the Desktop repository you can move ahead to the next step.

Step 4. Login to Docker Hub

In order to download the Desktop image you first need to login to Docker Hub on your command line. You can login using the following command:

docker login

Once you can confirm a successful login you can move ahead to the next step.

Step 5. Windows Only - Switch To Linux Containers Mode

If you are installing GitPitch Desktop on Linux or OSX, please skip ahead to the next step now.

If you are installing GitPitch Desktop on Windows you will need to make a small adjustment to your Docker configuration. The GitPitch Desktop image is a Linux container. Therefore, as a Windows user, you need to switch your Docker configuration to Linux mode.


In the Docker menu - as shown above - please select the Switch to Linux containers option.

Step 6. Download GitPitch Desktop Image

Following a successful login to Docker Hub you are now ready to download the GitPitch Desktop image. To download, use the following command:

docker pull gitpitch/desktop:pro

Allow the download process to complete. This may take a few minutes the first time you run this command. In the future, you can use this same command to pull any updates to the Desktop image.

Once the download process has completed you are then ready to move ahead to the next step.

Step 7. Windows Only - Shared Drives

If you are installing GitPitch Desktop on Linux or OSX, please skip ahead to the next step now.

Before launching GitPitch Desktop on Windows you need to update your Docker Shared Drives configuration.


This configuration menu is found under Docker > Settings…> Shared Drives. Simply select the local drive where your Git repositories are found. You may be prompted for your credentials to confirm this change.

Step 8. Launch GitPitch Desktop

When launching GitPitch Desktop you need to indicate a path to a local working directory. This path tells GitPitch Desktop where on the local file system it needs to monitor for changes you make to your GitPitch presentation files.

Typically this directory is a local Git repository. Although it can be any directory on the local file system.

The default launch command for GitPitch Desktop is as follows:

docker run -it -v {DESKTOPREPO}:/repo -p 9000:9000 gitpitch/desktop:pro

Note, {DESKTOPREPO} is a placeholder. You must replaced it with an absolute path to a working directory on your local file system where your Git repository files are found.

For example, here is a sample launch command on Mac OSX:

docker run -it -v /Users/david/hello-world:/repo -p 9000:9000 gitpitch/desktop:pro

And here is a sample launch command on Windows:

docker run -it -v c:/david/hello-world:/repo -p 9000:9000 gitpitch/desktop:pro

Upon successful launch you should be able to access GitPitch Desktop in your browser at the following URL:


To open your browser at the default Desktop URL, click here. If you need help getting oriented, check out this short 3-minute GitPitch Desktop demo video, available here.

Note 1: Users on Windows may need to manually refresh the browser window to see live presentation updates.
Note 2: We recommend creating a simple shell script or .bat file to simplify repeated use of these launch commands.

GitPitch Pro Cloud Activation

The following steps will guide you through the activation process for GitPitch Pro in the cloud.

Step 1. Register on the GitPitch Website

The cloud activation process is very simple. You need to login to the GitPitch website using an existing GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket account. You can login here.

Once you have logged into the GitPitch website you will be presented with the following form:


If you skipped the GitPitch Pro Desktop Activation steps then please indicate mvpaward in place of a Docker ID when completing this form. If you are performing a full GitPitch Pro desktop and cloud activation then please complete the form using your real Docker ID.

After clicking Sync Subscription on this form you are ready to move ahead to the next step.

To help spead up the activation process please drop us an email just to confirm you have completed this step.

Step 2. Await GitPitch Pro Activation Confirmation

Once we recieve and process your account registration, we will send you an email to confirm your GitPitch Pro subscription has been fully activated. Upon receiving this confirmation email all that is left to do is to receive our warmest welcome as a brand new GitPro Pro user.


If you made it this far, you are now ready to promote, pitch, or present absolutely anything using GitPitch.

For new users of GitPitch, I recommend starting with GitPitch - In 60 Seconds, a very short tutorial. For everyone, I recommend taking a walk through the GitPitch Docs. You can also find inspiration from sample slideshows created by the GitPitch community.

Finally, to keep informed about GitPitch news and updates, I recommend following us on Twitter.


Founder / Developer - GitPitch