Tweet Widget

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Tweet Widget

To render a Tweet on any slide you can use the @tweet widget. Using the following syntax in your markdown file:


Here is a markdown snippet demonstrating actual usage:


@snap[west h3-white span-50]
### @fa[calendar] Dec 15, 2018

@snap[east span-50]

This markdown snippet renders as follows:


Note the use of the span class to constrain the width, and consequently the height, of the rendered Tweet. This technique is recommended to ensure that your Tweets fit properly on your slides.

Tweet Offline Support

Rendering a Tweet is dependent on content served by As such, if you are developing or presenting a slide deck when offline the content of your Tweet will not be available for rendering on your slide.


GitPitch attempts to handle this gracefully by automatically replacing the fully rendered Tweet card with a simple link to the Tweet online. Once Internet access has been restored, the fully rendered Twitter card will be displayed once again.

Tweet Browser Content Blocking

Modern Web browsers offer sophisticated content blocking policies, which include smart tracking protection. In most cases, this is a very good thing for end-users.

However, depending on the content-blocking policies activated in your Web browser, Tweets served by may be prevented from rendering on your slides.


The screenshot on the left captures a cleanly rendered Tweet. The screenshot on the right captures the rendering of a slide when a Tweet is treated as blocked content.

As you have no control over the Web content blocking policies of your audience, this note is simply provided to draw your attention to these policies and their potential consequences. If needed, you can inform your audience accordingly.