Custom Theme Setting


The theme-override setting lets you override the CSS styles associated with the fixed theme for your presentation.

Sample Syntax

theme-override : assets/css/PITCHME.css


Slideshow settings are activated using a PITCHME.yaml properties file.

This feature allows you to customize the look-and-feel of any slideshow. This is especially useful if you want to customize your presentation to reflect your product, service, conference, or company brand.

Use the theme-override setting as follows:

  1. Create a new custom CSS stylesheet in your repository.
  2. Add custom CSS rules that override the fixed slideshow theme.
  3. Set the theme-override property to point at your stylesheet.

Tip! Learn how to customize styles on your slides faster using a Web Inspector .

Activating a Global Custom Theme for your Organization

The theme-override property also supports absolute URL paths. This feature can be useful for any organization wanting to share a standardized look-and-feel for sets of related presentations.

Sample Custom Theme

By default, most themes render inline images with a border and box-shadow. You could use the following custom CSS stylesheet to override the default style in order to remove image borders and box-shadow for your slideshow:

.reveal section img {
  border: 0;
  box-shadow: none;

Assuming that CSS stylesheet lived in the assets/css/PITCHME.css directory within your repository, you could active this custom theme override for your presentation as follows:

theme-override : assets/css/PITCHME.css