Code Highlight Setting


The highlight setting lets you customize the syntax highlighting style for code rendered on slides within your presentation.

Sample Syntax

highlight : monokai


Slideshow settings are activated using a PITCHME.yaml properties file.

Support for code syntax highlighting is provided by the highlight.js library. This library offers support for 162 languages and 74 distinct visual styles. See an interactive demo of available styles here.


The default highlighting style used by GitPitch presentations is github-gist for presentations using a dark theme. For presentations using a light theme, the default highlighting style is hybrid. To override this default select a style from this list.

Note, double-barrel highlight.js style names, such as Mono Blue, must be hyphenated. For example:

highlight : mono-blue

All highlight.js style names specified on the highlight setting must be in lower-case only.

Defaults - Dark v Light Themes

Above we identified distinct highlight setting defaults for dark and light themes. Currently themes are categorized as follows:

Dark Themes

  • black
  • moon
  • night

Light Themes

  • white (default)
  • sky
  • beige
  • simple