GitPitch offers a wide range of slideshow settings that can be used to customize the overall look-and-feel and behavior of any presentation.

To activate custom settings for your slideshow presentation, add a PITCHME.yaml properties file alongside the PITCHME.md file in your repo. Custom settings are optional.

Sample PITCHME.yaml

Here is a sample of the custom settings found in the PITCHME.yaml used by the GitPitch Hello World slideshow presentation:

# Layout
layout : center-right

# Look-and-Feel
logo : assets/images/logo.png
theme : night
theme-override : assets/css/PITCHME.css
highlight : ir-black

# Behavior
transition : none
published : true

# Plugins
charts : true
mathjax : TeX-AMS_HTML-full

Click on the following screenshot to open a live view of the sample presentation in your browser: