GitPitch offers a wide range of slideshow settings that can be used to customize the overall look-and-feel and behavior of any presentation.

To activate custom settings for your slideshow presentation, add a PITCHME.yaml properties file alongside the PITCHME.md file in your repo. Custom settings are optional.

Note, if you are creating slide decks within private Git repos see the Publishing Guide for important details about access control policies within your PITCHME.yaml files.

Sample PITCHME.yaml

Here is a sample of the custom settings found in the PITCHME.yaml used by the GitPitch Hello World slideshow presentation:

# Layout
layout : center-right

# Look-and-Feel
logo : assets/images/logo.png
theme : night
theme-override : assets/css/PITCHME.css
highlight : ir-black

# Behavior
transition : none
published : true

# Plugins
charts : true
mathjax : TeX-AMS_HTML-full

Click here to open a live view of the sample presentation in your browser: