Print Notes Setting


The print-notes setting lets you print slide-specific speaker notes when exporting GitPitch slide decks as PDF and PPTX documents.

Sample Syntax

print-notes : true


Slideshow settings are activated using a PITCHME.yaml properties file.


By default, slide-specific speaker notes are not rendered in the document when printing to PDF or PPTX using GitPitch Desktop.

Customize Note Printing Behavior

You can override the default behavior by enabling or disabling the print-notes setting in your PITCHME.yaml settings file.

By default, the print-notes setting is false. You can use this new setting in conjunction with the existing print-fragments. For example:

print-notes : true
print-fragments : false

By default, print-fragments is true.

Please note, fragment-specific notes are never exported. And if no speaker note is associated with a slide in your, then nothing extra is printed for that slide when print-notes is enabled.