Published Setting


The published setting is dual purpose:

  1. For public repositories, it lets you flag a presentation as post-development and ready for sharing.

  2. For private repositories, it also activates GitPitch Publishing Published Mode .

This page describes it's usage within public repositories. See the GitPitch Publishing Guide for usage of the published setting within private repositories.

Sample Syntax

published : true


Slideshow settings are activated using a PITCHME.yaml properties file.

When the published setting is activated the GitPitch menus for the presentation are automatically simplified:


When published, the Git Service and Theme Chooser panels - only useful during development - are hidden. The Home panel and the Table-of-Contents navigation panel are still available to the author and to the presentation audience.

These simplified menus help to reduce needless distraction for your presentation audience. This can help them to stay focused on your slideshow content.

GitPitch Pro subscribers enjoy additional controls over the GitPitch Menus.