Remote Control Setting


The remote-control setting lets you activate navigation using a remote control device: Logitech, Kensington, etc.

Sample Syntax

remote-control : true


Slideshow settings are activated using a PITCHME.yaml properties file.

When activated, the remote-control setting gives presentation authors the ability to present hands-free - far away from the keyboard.

By default, navigation by remote-control is disabled.

Activate Remote Control Custom Key Mappings

In order to navigate through the full set of slides in a GitPitch presentation, a remote control device must emit a stream of Previous and Next events.

The actual key codes emitted by remote control devices for these events can vary. For example, some basic two-button devices emit events that map to Up and Down rather than Previous and Next key codes.

To ensure you can work with any remote control device, GitPitch supports two additional setting properties:

  • remote-control-prevkey
  • remote-control-nextkey

These settings can be used to map navigation events from any remote control device to Previous and Next events required by GitPitch for proper navigation.

Sample Remote Control Custom Key Mappings

The following PITCHME.yaml settings demonstrate how you can map the Up (keycode: 38) and Down (keycode: 40) events generated by a remote control device to the Previous and Next events required by GitPitch:

remote-control: true
remote-control-prevkey: 38
remote-control-nextkey: 40