Transition Setting


The transition setting lets you select the default slide transition style for your presentation.

Sample Syntax

transition : fade


Slideshow settings are activated using a PITCHME.yaml properties file.

Your chosen transition setting is activated by default for all slides within your presentation. To override this default behavior, see slide specific transition override .

GitPitch currently supports the following slide transition styles:

  • none (default)
  • slide
  • fade
  • convex
  • concave
  • zoom

If you do not explicitly set a value for the transition setting your slides will automatically transition using the default transition style - the none transition.

Important! Snap Layouts v Slide Transitions

GitPitch supports snap-Layouts that can be used to control the placement of content on any slide. If you use snap-layouts to build your presentations then any slide rendering snapped-content must disable transitions in order to ensure smooth slide rendering.

For further details, including more detailed background and concrete recommendations please see the snap-layout slide transitions guide.

Slide Specific Transition Override

See transition shortcut syntax for details on how you can easily override the transition style for individual slides within your presentation.