Twitter Card Settings


A combination of title, description, and thumbnail settings let you customize the details of a Twitter Card or other Open Graph card for your slideshow presentation.

Note: These Twitter Cards settings are a Pro Bonus feature only.

Sample Syntax

title : "Elixir Lang"
description : "A functional, concurrent language on the Erlang VM"
thumbnail : assets/img/screenshot.png


Slideshow settings are activated using a PITCHME.yaml properties file.

When activated, these setting are used to populate a Twitter Card or other Open Graph card when you share a link to your slideshow presentation on services like Twitter, Slack, LinkedIn, etc.

If you do not provide custom values for these settings in your PITCHME.yaml file then default values are automatically assigned by GitPitch.

Note, the optimal width:height display ratio for a thumbnail image is 1.81:1.

Twitter Card Examples

Here is an example GitPitch slideshow presentation using custom Twitter Card settings being displayed on Twitter:


Here is the default Twitter Card display for a GitPitch slideshow presentation that has not set custom values for these settings: