Speaker Notes

GitPitch slideshow presentations support a number of great features tailored specifically for conference speakers and training instructors.

Speaker Notes

Speaker notes give you a way to add private annotations to slides. This feature lets you leave hints, tips, and reminders on specific slides that can help you stay on-track and on-point during a live presentation.

To add speaker notes to any slide, simply declare special Note: markers in your PITCHME.md. Directly following these marker you can add the content of the note itself.

For example, here is the contents of a sample slide with custom speaker notes:


# GitPitch Pro

#### The Markdown Presentation Service on Git


- Offers a wide-range of enhanced presentation **tools** and **features**
- Both on the desktop and in the cloud
- Learn more on the GitPitch website at https://gitpitch.com

The content of your speaker notes can be a mix of plain text and rich markdown.

By default, your audience will not see your speaker notes when viewing your presentation. However, when using the speaker notes preview mode the sample slide above would be rendered as follows:


Speaker notes support is available for all online and offline GitPitch slideshow presentations.

Speaker Notes Fragments

See the List Widget Speaker Mode Fragment Notes documentation to learn how you can add fragment-specific speaker notes.


Speaker Notes Preview

When developing your own slideshow presentation - or reviewing a presentation created by someone else - you can quickly preview the speaker notes for that presentation by appending an n=true query parameter to the GitPitch URL in your browser.

For example, here is a sample slideshow presentation URL where speaker notes preview mode is activated:


When this n=true query parameter is enabled, any speaker notes associated with specific slides are shown alongside the slide content. As speaker notes are optional, some slides may not display any notes.


Click here to preview speaker notes in a live GitPitch presentation.