Speaker Window

Speaker Window

The speaker window provides a unique view of any slideshow presentation - tailored for use during live presentations. The following features are available:

  • Displays the current slide in the deck
  • Displays speaker notes for the current slide
  • Displays a preview for the next slide in the deck
  • Displays a timer and clock to help keep track of time
  • Forwards all navigations to the main slideshow presentation window


The speaker window can be launched for all online and offline presentations by pressing the S key within any GitPitch slideshow presentation.

Disable Speaker Window

There are times when you may want to disable the speaker window functionality. For example, to disable speaker-features and hide your speaker-notes when publishing and sharing a slide deck online following a tech conference or meetup.

To disable speaker window funtionality for any slide deck, disable the speaker-mode property in your PITCHME.yaml settings file:

speaker-mode : false

By deafult, the speaker-mode setting is enabled for all slide decks.