Desktop Quickstart

This guide is a template quickstart for GitPitch Desktop users.

If you are a GitPitch Pro subscriber you have access to GitPitch Desktop. And as a GitPitch Desktop user you can activate the template for your own slideshow presentations with just a single click. Read on to learn how.

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GitPitch Desktop Template Support

To start using the template with GitPitch Desktop, follow these simple steps:

Step 1.

Launch GitPitch Desktop, specifying an absolute path to a working directory on your local file system that does not yet contain a markdown file.

Step 2.

Open GitPitch Desktop in your Web browser.

Step 3.

Click the Quickstart button to auto-generate The Template files into your working directory.

Immediately after auto-generating the template you should be able to interact with it as a live slideshow presentation in your browser. You can then start developing and customizing the content, styles, and settings for your presentation using GitPitch Desktop.

You can add and modify files directly within the template directory. Rename that directory. Or copy only the files you want into a custom directory where you plan to develop your slideshow presentation. We encourage you to spend time familiarizing yourself with the Template Basics and Template Mastery guides. The content of these guides will help to ensure you get the most out of the template.

GitPitch Desktop Quickstart

If you launch GitPitch Desktop and it does not detect the existence of a GitPitch presentation in the working directory on your local file system, the Desktop will automatically activate Quickstart mode. This mode is displayed in your browser as follows:


By clicking Generate Template Now, the full set of template files will be added to the working directory on your local file system and the template will be instantly viewable in your browser.

Note, The Template quickstart via GitPitch Desktop is available both online and offline.