The Slide Design Templates guide is a collection of markdown snippets that can be used to quickly create high-utility slide designs within your GitPitch slide decks. Using these templates is simple:

  1. First activate the Theme Template in the PITCHME.yaml for your slide deck.
  2. Then start to copy-and-paste markdowns snippet from this guide into your .
  3. And immediately see the chosen templates come to life within your GitPitch slide deck.

The Slide Design Templates are suggested slide designs only. But when you want to introduce any of these designs into your deck, these templates provide building-blocks to quickly bootstrap that process. Every aspect of these slide markdown snippets including placeholder content and styling that can be customized by you in your as needed.

Template v Custom Slide Designs

Continue reading this guide to explore the full set of supported Slide Design Templates . And when you are ready to move beyond these quickstart templates, and start creating your own custom slide designs, then it's time to see the Snap Layouts Guide .