Theme Custom CSS

While the Theme Builder delivers simple, fast customization for GitPitch slide decks, the use of custom CSS gives you highly targeted and almost unlimited control over the look-and-feel of any presentation.

This feature is powered by Cascading Style Sheets aka. CSS. As a presentation author you can define and activate new CSS style rules that override the default style rules inherited from the fixed theme active on your presentation.

To apply your own custom CSS styles to your slideshow presentation, see the custom theme setting docs.

Fixed Themes CSS Style Rules Definition

The set of CSS style rules that define the default theme made available by GitPitch are defined by the Theme Template . To learn what styles are defined by the theme template and by extension what styles you can override for you presentation, jump straight to the theme template CSS files on GitHub. You can find those files here .

Live CSS Style Rules manipulation using Web Inspector

While studying the CSS files that define the rules for your chosen theme is a great way to familiarize yourself with the styles available, using a Web Inspector to directly inspect the content on your slides is highly recommended.

A Web Inspector - typically a Developer Tools feature in your browser - provides a highly interactive and very effective way to discover active style rules on any element on your slide. Plus it also gives you an opportunity to experiment with tweaks and overrides and see the results instantly updated in your slideshow within the browser window.

Once you have achieved the effects you are after using the Web Inspector you can then capture the new rules in your own custom CSS file. To then activate your custom CSS, see the custom theme setting docs.