Desktop Free FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Activate a GitPitch Paid Plan to unlock GitPitch Desktop Pro Edition.

How can I download the latest Desktop Free image?

Assuming you have already registered for access, to download the latest Desktop Free image you first need to login to Docker Hub at your command line. You can login using the following command:

docker login

Once you can confirm a successful login you are ready to download the latest desktop image. To download the latest Desktop Free image, use the following command:

docker pull gitpitch/free

Allow the download process to complete, then launch the new image as before. Launch instructions for Desktop Free are here.

What happens if GitPitch Desktop finds no

If no files are found in your local working directory then GitPitch Desktop will display the Quickstart Generator window:

With one-click on the Quickstart Now button the desktop will copy a set of sample files into your local working directory. This is a great way to start a brand new slide deck.

What happens if Desktop Free finds multiple

If multiple files are found in your local working directory then the Desktop Manager will automatically list each slide deck found:

With one-click you can open any deck listed under the Your Slide Decks panel.

How can I change the default 9000 port used by Desktop Free?

The default port for Desktop Free is port 9000. To set a custom port when launching the desktop you must make two changes on your launch command:

  1. Update the -p port mapping and
  2. Add a matching PORT environment variable

For example, the following command demonstrates how you can launch Desktop Free using port 80:

docker run -it -v {WORKINGDIR}:/repo -p 80:80 -e PORT=80 gitpitch/free

Note, {WORKINGDIR} is a placeholder. You must replace it with an absolute path to a working directory on your local file system where your presentation files are found.

What can I do if Desktop Free does not auto-refresh in my browser?

Each time you create or update a file within your local working directory, Desktop Free attempts to automatically refresh the slide deck in your browser.

If your browser does not auto-refresh - or fails to refresh cleanly - the first thing to try is to simply save your file again and watch for a clean refresh.

If the slide deck in your browser still does not auto-refresh or you are seeing long delays before your slide deck auto-refreshes in the browser, re-launch the desktop using a Minimal Working Directory.

Launch Desktop Free using a Minimal Working Directory

The launch command for Desktop Free takes a path to a working directory on your local file system. This path is mounted by Desktop Free as a Docker volume. And then used to monitor and detect changes you make to your presentation files.

Due to performance bottlenecks associated with Docker volume mounts, if the local working directory contains a large number of files, the overall responsiveness of the auto-refresh feature may slow. Or may not work at all.

Important! While your local working directory may contain only a small number of project source files, it is possible that the directory also contains a large number of generated build and runtime artifacts. These artifacts can greatly increase the overall file count in your directory.

To overcome this performance bottleneck and enjoy fast auto-refresh, please take the following steps:

  1. Create a new working directory on your local file system.
  2. Copy your presentation markdown and any file dependencies into the new working directory.
  3. Then re-launch the desktop using this new working directory as follows:

docker run -it -v {MINIMAL}:/repo -p 9000:9000 gitpitch/free

Note, here {MINIMAL} is a placeholder. You must replace it with an absolute path to the new working directory on your local file system. This working directory should contain presentation files only.

Having re-launched the desktop, start making changes to your presentation markdown. If the minimal working directory solution works, you should see your slide deck quickly auto-refresh in the browser each time you modify files in your new working directory.

If you have re-launched the desktop using a minimal working directory and you still see slow refresh times or your browser does not refresh at all, please contact GitPitch support.