GitPitch Enterprise

Deploy the GitPitch Server On-Premises.

Get more out of your existing Git infrastructure and investment by unlocking a powerful new Git-powered presentation service. Your teams can develop, present, and publish slideshow presentations and training materials. Using existing tools - Markdown + Git.

The GitHub server integrates seamlessly with GitHub Enterprise, GitLab, Bitbucket, GitBucket, Gitea, and Gogs servers. GitPitch Enterprise data never leaves your servers. Guaranteeing the data you care about remains on-premises, private, and confidential.

GitPitch Enterprise

Learn more in the detailed Enterprise guides.

Just discovered GitPitch. And WOW!

Adrian Kosmaczewski.

Awesome for quickly throwing together a presentation and easy to share links afterwards.

Sydney, Australia

GitPitch is all kinds of cool!

Andrew B. Collier.
Durban, South Africa

I have to say, the more I play with GitPitch the more I like it.

James McCann.
Aylesbury, UK