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GitPitch Community Edition - Slideshow Presentation Features

Seamless integration with Git delivering unique features simply not found in other presentation tools or services.

Present Online

GitPitch slideshow presentations are automatically hosted online, so you can promote, pitch, or present everywhere.

Present Offline

With just one click any GitPitch slideshow presentation can be taken offline so you can present anywhere, with or without Wifi.

Present as PDF

Sometimes you just need to be able to provide a document, not an interactive slideshow. For that, there is one click download to PDF.

Speaker Notes

Add speaker-only notes to your presentation markdown and GitPitch will help keep you on track whether presenting online or offline.

Multiple Themes

Each GitPitch slideshow presentation can inherit a complete look 'n feel from the set of distinct visual themes out-of-the-box.

Theme Customization

Every GitPitch slideshow presentation author can cutomize the appearance of their slide content using custom CSS.

Modular Markdown

Enjoy the same benefits you get from the modular code design applied to the design and management of your presentation content.

Shared Assets

Share images, logos, CSS and settings across multiple slideshow presentations developed within a single branch in any repo.

Auto-Generated TOC

GitPitch automatically generates a table-of-contents for every presentation. And auto-syncs with any content changes.

GA Analytics

You own your presentation content, so you should own your analytics too. Just register a GA token and watch the usage data roll in.


GitPitch is an official Embedly provider meaning slideshow presentations can be seamlessly embedded on any website or blog.

Create, preview, and present slideshows directly on your Desktop.

Code Presenting

A unique teaching tool that brings code to life directly within any slide in your presentation.

Repo Source File Slides

Present code found within any Git repo source file. Using GitPitch code-presenting with (opt) annotations to bring your code to life.

Fenced Code Block Slides

You can present code inlined within your slide markdown too. Code is displayed using syntax-highlighting just like your IDE.

GitHub GIST Snippet Slides

You can even present code found within any GitHub GIST. GIST source code is beautifully rendered and can be stepped-through too.

Working with Images

Engaging imagery helps you say more with fewer words while lending visual pop to any presentation.

Inline Images

Use standard Markdown image syntax to inline images within any slide. Each image can live in your Git repo or remotely.

Background Images

Use a special image delimiter to inject a background image for any slide. The image can live in your Git repo or remotely.

Background Default Image

Use slideshow settings to configure a custom image that will appear as the default background image on every slide.

Background Image Sizing + Scaling

Use GitPitch image syntax to size and scale any background image. All image aspect-ratios can be made to fit without distortion.

Background Image Positioning

Customize the exact placement of background images on individual slides. One size does not fit all. The same is true for positioning.

Use Private Repos to Secure your Content and Manage your Audience.

Working with Rich Media

Go beyond rich-text markdown, code, and imagery to enliven and enrich any presentation.


Standard Markdown image syntax can also be used to embed YouTube, Vimeo, MP4 and WebM videos within any slide.


Add beautifully rendered charts powered by Chart.js to any slide, including line, bar, pie, and radial charts.

Math Formulas

Use LaTeX or MathML notation within your slide markdown and see your math equations and formula rendered beautifully.

Font Awesome Icons

With over 600 icons at your finger tips you can add familiar visuals and distinctive character to any slide within your presentation.

Color Background Slides

Override theme defaults by applying custom slide background colors and gradients for individual slides.

Slide Fragments

Reveal the content on any slide using distinct fragments. A great approach for introducing concepts or step-by-step details.

Further Customization using Slideshow Settings

GitPitch supports a wide range of slideshow settings that can be used to further customize and brand any presentation.

Code Syntax-Highlight Setting

With support for over 70 distinct highlighting styles, you can choose exactly how code should look when rendered on your slides.

Logo Setting

Add a logo image to any presentation to help brand or promote your business, service, conference, technology, partners, etc.

Footnote Setting

Add a simple message, copyright notice, or even a link to your product or service and have it appear at the bottom of every slide.

GitPitch In-60-Seconds

How does it work? View this very short tutorial.