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Modern slide decks for Developers.

TL;DR: if you're a developer on Git, GitPitch slide decks speak your language.

GitPitch offers a modern slide deck solution uniquely adapted for developers on Linux, OSX, and Windows 10. Use your favorite IDE or, emacs, atom, sublime, create slides using Markdown. Enjoy powerful Markdown widgets that render code, GISTs, UML, Tweets, emojis, audio voice-overs, and more. Preview and present offline. Publish and share online. Or export to Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, Google Slides, and PDF.


GitPitch Desktop Lite + Pro Feature

GitPitch Desktop is a dedicated desktop tool for working and presenting offline. See changes to your presentation instantly reflected in a live preview in your browser. Full speaker support. Plus one-click export to Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, Google Slides, and PDF.

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GitPitch Security Pro Feature

GitPitch Security activates slideshow presentation privacy features powered by private Git repos. Including public, private, and password-protected slideshows. Use it to secure your content and manage your slideshow audience in the cloud.

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GitPitch Surveys Pro Feature

GitPitch Surveys turn any slideshow into a two-way conversation. Deliver your message using a GitPitch presentation. Then gather feedback from your audience long after you leave the stage by adding professional surveys directly inside your slidedeck.

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GitPitch Audio Pro Feature

GitPitch Audio lets you enhance traditional slide decks with the spoken word. By activating a voice-over for individual slides and slide fragments, you can unlock brand new ways to SHARE knowledge, TEACH, and deliver TRAINING materials.

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GitPitch Power Pro Feature

Beyond GitPitch Desktop, Security, Surveys, and Audio a Pro subscription unlocks additonal features that are guaranteed to delight any presentation author. For further details, including Pro image, UML, fonts, emojis, and more, see the official docs.

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Markdown Widgets

Unlock GitPitch presentation magic using simple yet powerful markdown syntax shortcuts to position slide content, alter its appearance or behavior, and even generate rich visual slide components aka. GitPitch Markdown Widgets.

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Custom Slide Themes

Enjoy simple, fast customization of slide backgrounds, fonts, colors, and more using a property driven theme template. Or experience almost unlimited control over the appearance of your slide decks using custom style sheets aka. CSS.

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Custom Slide Layouts

GitPitch supports markdown snap-layouts syntax that can be used to control the placement of content on any slide. Override automatic layout controls for chosen slide content and enjoy the power to create custom layouts for your slidedecks.

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Live Code Presenting

Code presenting can be activated for code originating as a fenced code-block, a repository source file, or a GitHub GIST. Focus-on and step-through specific code snippets, loops, functions, output, etc. from directly within your slidedeck.

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Image Magic

GitPitch provides extensive support for inline and background images on any slide. Images can be sized, scaled, positioned, and repeated. Pro opacity controls can be applied to create effective contrasts to enhance surrounding content on the slide.

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Rich Media Slides

Enhance any slideshow presentation by adding rich visual content to any slide, including charts, MathJax formulas, inline and background videos, and FontAwesome icons. You can even add a dash of color with fixed and gradient slide backgrounds.

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Speaker Support

GitPitch slideshow presentations support a number of great features tailored specifically for conference speakers and training instructors. Including speaker notes per slide, a dedicated speaker window, and support for remote control devices.

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Do More With Git

Take full advantage of your preferred Git flow to develop and manage your slideshow presentation content. Collaborate on slidedecks with your existing Git organizations, groups, and teams. Use one or more branches, publish unlimited decks.

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Modular Slideshows

Thanks to first-class support for modular markdown you can develop and publish modular slideshows. Share the complete slidedeck. Or share a mini-deck, where only a subset of slides are visible to your audience. A perfect feature for delivering course work and training materials.

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Slide Design Templates

Enjoy quickstart templates for common slide designs powered by simple markdown snippets. Just copy-and-paste any snippet into your and see the slide template come alive in your own GitPitch slide deck.

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Just discovered GitPitch. And WOW!


GitPitch...the first time in my life when preparing slides was a pleasure.


The best slide creation tool I have ever used.


GitPitch Desktop with speaker notes is AMAZING!


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