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Share public, private, and password-protected presentations.

GitPitch Pro Edition - Slideshow Presentation Features

Upgrade from Community Edition to Pro Edition to access private repos and enjoy enhanced features, privacy, confidentiality, and team collaboration.

Published Mode

Share public slideshow presentations from within your private repos while maintaining 100% privacy for all other repo content.

Published mode lets you promote, pitch, or present news, updates, training, and insights into any project without revealing code, config, or data within your private repos.

Stealth Mode

Manage access by granting and revoking stealth tokens that generate private URLs for presentations found within private repos.

Stealth Mode is ideal for securing presentation content under development, providing early-access previews, soliciting feedback from trusted parties, and managing limited or temporary audiences.

Confidential Mode

Manage your audience by granting and revoking password tokens that enforce secure, gated-access to your slideshow presentations.

Confidential Mode is ideal for managing password-protected access to private, confidential, and even paid content. And the password challenge can be easily branded to reflect your product, service, or content.

Presentation Templates

Browse the GitPitch Template Gallery and then with one-click download or fork, then customize a pre-built slideshow presentation template.

Image Opacity Controls

Found the perfect background image but it's drowning out the words on your slide? Use the new opacity controls to strike a balance.

Image SVG Support

SVG delivers pixel-perfect images at any resolution. GitPitch Pro now supports SVG images served directly from any Git repo.

GitPitch Pro - Coming Soon!

Get ready for private repo support, private-urls using stealth-mode, password-protected presentations, and much, much more.

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