GitPitch Security
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GitPitch Security lets you secure your content, and manage your audience. Delivering public, private, and password-protected presentations in the cloud.

GitPitch Security powered by private Git repos
On GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket

GitPitch Security

Secure your content, and manage your audience.

Published Mode

Public Slideshow Presentations

Share public slideshow presentations from within your private repositories while maintaining 100% privacy for all other repository content.

Published mode lets you promote, pitch, or present news, updates, training, and insights into any project without revealing code, config, or data within your private repositories.

Stealth Mode

Private Slideshow Presentations

Manage access by granting and revoking stealth tokens that generate private URLs for presentations found within private repositories.

Stealth mode is ideal for securing presentation content under development, providing early-access previews, soliciting feedback from trusted parties, and managing limited or temporary audiences.

Confidential Mode

Password-Protected Presentations

Manage your audience by granting and revoking password tokens that enforce secure, gated-access to your slideshow presentations.

Confidential mode is ideal for managing password-protected access to private, confidential, and even paid content. And the password challenge can be easily branded to reflect your product or service.

Security Quickstart Guide

Learn how to get started with GitPitch Security.

Just discovered GitPitch. And WOW!

Adrian Kosmaczewski.

Awesome for quickly throwing together a presentation and easy to share links afterwards.

Sydney, Australia

GitPitch is all kinds of cool!

Andrew B. Collier.
Durban, South Africa

I have to say, the more I play with GitPitch the more I like it.

James McCann.
Aylesbury, UK